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Sunday Erhabor, a 53-year-old policeman was celebrated by Lagos Government for his professional conduct and restrain when assaulted by a traffic offender, Victor Ebhomenyen, in the Oniru area of Lagos State. Sunday Erhabor joined the Force on June 1, 1992 and have about five years to retirement.

His case went viral on social media because of the calmness shown when assaulted by a civilian even though he was armed. In his own words, “the case is not a criminal case, but a civil case”. Sunday Erhabor claimed that he has not shot anyone before in his 29yrs of service.

Sunday advised his colleagues to be patient, no matter the level of provocation. He also stated the true meaning of POLICE.

P – Politeness

O – Obedience

L – Loyalty

I – Integrity

C – Courage

E – Endurance

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